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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Luggage Stacking

 Hello to anyone out there still checking my blog!
I have been so out of the blogging loop the past few months.  I have really been missing reading my favorite blogs everyday, but I completely immersed myself in school and family and there wasn't really time for much else...which I was rewarded for by getting a 4.0!

I am so excited about my straight A's.  It was my goal all along since this really was my easy term.  Once fall starts I will be in high gear until I graduate next June, then I will be applying to medical school.  OMG I have a year ahead of me with finishing up my degree and studying for the MCATs.  I know I can do it though, it will just be a lot of work.  I also have to continue some volunteer work and job shadow in there somewhere too.  Oh and we have a Disneyland trip planned in September.  We are going to be busy!

But, this is my one week off of school before summer term starts so you know I have been changing things around the house!  I moved my grocery sign into the living room and stacked my luggage.  It really was just random but it is one of my favorite things going on right now.  

Last fall I helped French Hen Debbie get her booth ready for the Christmas Open House and she gave me the brown suitcase as a thank you.  It is a really pretty orange satin inside so I can't wait to have fun with it this fall.  The turquoise luggage was left over in my mom's booth after her sale when she moved out, so I snagged it up and just waited for a fun spot to put it.

I also did a fun project in the dining room the other night.  I have really been wanting open shelves on the wall above my old chippy desk and I finally made it happen without buying a single thing.  I love when projects turn out like that : )  I will try to share pictures of that soon as well as the farmhouse dining table Tim and I built on Mother's Day out of my old barn wood stack.  

Now I am off to catch up on some "Smash" episodes I missed out on the past couple months.  I hope to be back soon!