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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bedroom Inspiration

Hey Hey Hey!
I have been super busy lately but I thought I would pop in to say hello!  I have decided that I am finally going to take the plunge and finish my last three terms and get my degree already. I could already have had my PhD by now if I had actually been going to school all the years I have put it off!

Before I start back, I really would love to get my bedroom looking presentable.  Many months ago I fell in love with the blue staircase wall on the Modern Family set.  So wad'ya do when you love a color on a TV set?  Put it in your  bedroom like I did?  No waaaaaay!  I love it on their walls, not mine: )

It has taught me a very valuable lesson though.  I can love a color I see on TV or in someone elses house, but just because I like the color doesn't necessarily mean that it will mesh with my style.  I am really not sure what I was thinking.  All I can do now is try to find another color that will coordinate with my style, and lighten things up a bit: )

I do, however have a couple of design dilemmas to deal with.  I have a very old farmhouse dresser that belonged to my grandmother.  It is a gorgeous dresser but has some truly hideous hardware on it.  I have to find some pulls that are a bit more me, and then try to incorporate the dresser into my room somewhere.  It is a big mamma jamma but I  can't part with it so this a must: )

Pinned Image

I also plan to use a sweet white metal bed frame that belongs to one of my friends.  It happens to just be sitting on the side of her house just begging me to bring it home.  On my next IKEA trip (next month!!!) I hope to buy a lamp very similar to the one below.  There are many expensive versions floating around out there, but I believe the IKEA version is only $39.  I love its vintagy quality (yes that's a word!!!).  It is also reminiscent of the PB look which I love too, and I think  it will fit right in with all of my funky stuff.  There we go, I just talked myself into it: )

Pinned Image

I still can't find just the right inspiration picture for my room.  I want it to be light and airy and simple.  Hmmmm...not sure I can accomplish this.  Wish me luck!
PS.  I am off to sew some linen heart pillows and a ruffled tote for a special someone.  Melissa!  I will have it to you by Thursday I promise!


  1. Thank you Brittany for getting Melissa's bag done before our trip.....I was going to give it to her on her birthday...but I couldn't wait. Thanks again...you do such awesome work:)

    1. You are so so welcome! I hope you enjoy your trip: )

  2. Hi Brittany!

    This is great inspiration! Very relaxing and comfortable!

    My name is Kristen Crosby and I'm with Design Shuffle. I was wondering if you could email me at kristen.c@designshuffle.com I'd love to discuss a guest post opportunity with you!