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Friday, February 10, 2012

Vintage Roost Valentine Open House

I might be weird but one of my favorite things to see out in blog land is tours through antique malls, flea markets and vintage shows, so I thought I would share my trip to The Vintage Roost right here in our own North Albany.

I am embarrassed to admit this, but before today I had never been to any of The Vintage Roost shows.  I know Debbie, one of the owners, from mingling around at the Antique Mall.  It is just crazy that I have never made it out there, being the vintage lover that I am.

The walk up to the shop is so gorgeous.

(Please excuse the pics, I realized after I left that my camera was on a wacky setting)

After a minute or so of walking... you arrive at the sweetest little shop.

Do you see the heart boxwood wreaths on the door?  Last year I saw on their flier that they would be selling these at their vday show so I vowed to make it out and buy one.  You know...because what I really need is another wreath in my life : )  I never did go, but ended up buying one from their booth after they brought them later.  An entire year later and my wreath is still hanging (it has been moved about a dozen times though)

Here is my busy little shopping partner.  This really was our first big girl outing together.  I normally only take her with me on essential trips since she is pretty high maintenance but she really was a good girl today.  Thanks go out to Heidi for helping me wrangle her while were junking today!

I am in love with this look.  I love all of the white, mercury glass and lavender.  Mercury glass is on my list of wants: )

These polka dots are adorbs!

One of these great little sweets bags came home with me today.  I have always called my husband sweets, he is even programmed into my phone that way.  Don't tell him but I am going to fill it up for him with treats for V-Day.  

I got a kick out of this-the white wicker sofa table in this picture was for sale when my mom and I had our shop open.  I never knew where it ended up, but when I saw it here it made me smile.  I love to see how in this business things always come full circle.

They had some goodies outside too...

I loved this old fishing creel.

and all of the ticking everywhere.  I have a ton of ticking fabric in my stash but I never love mine.  Seeing what they do with theirs inspires me!

Then it was back to reality and we had to go!

I hope you enjoyed my little tour through The Vintage Roost.  They will be open again tomorrow.  If you have never been to one of their shows you should definitely try to make it.
<3 <3 <3

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