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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

You have my whole heart

Good day my freinds.  I hope your Valentine's Day was full to the brim with lovliness.  At my house, we made our first batch of sugar cookies (ok that was a lie, I did make a batch a few years ago but that doesn't count since it was not much of a success).  I found a recipe that is delish and is oh so similar to the fluffy sugar cookies with the pink frosting from the grocery store. 

After these beauties were frosted we wrapped them up in cellophane and tied them with ribbon to give away as Vday treats (though it was painful to see them go)

I saw this sign one night while perusing the web and just loved it.  I love the message and the simple typographic look.  And the fact that it was black and white didn't hurt at all. But guess how much it is? $300  Just over my budget by about, oh, well $300.  So guess what I did? 

Oh yes I tried my luck at making it.

I used scrap wood out of my sis in law's garage (she has a sign business so there is always an abundance of fun wood there).  I made sure to take scrap pieces that she couldn't use for anything else so I felt a little less guilty for taking them for free.  Other than that, I bought 2" letter stencils and used paint and sealer that I already had so the grand total for this beaut is $7.99.  Not too bad eh?  And just like all of my other pics, this sign really does look better in person.

Ok now that I am comparing it to the original I must admit I don't love it quite as much.  I might re-stencil it using a font more similar to the other one and change up the letter spacing but for now, I will leave it as is.

I have been seeing a lot of this subway inspired art all over bloggy world.  It is pretty popular and is super simple to make.  I thought it might be a fun class to do one afternoon down at the shop as soon as we get our classroom/junk swap room all done. 

Exciting projects to look for in upcoming weeks
1.Garage organization (yeah right!!!)
2. Making my "laundry room" a little more well, laundry roomish instead of junk pile ish.
3. Dining room ceiling fan swap out (I really hope my husband does not read my blog)
4.Farmhousing up my current table or possibly trading it out?

Ok it looks like I won't be sleeping anytime soon with a list that ambitious.  Until next time-B


  1. Brittany~ love what you are doing.. Love the sign alot. You truly inspire me!! Thanks for being a wonderful and dear friend. Pam

  2. Thanks to you too my dear. You and Penny bring so much joy to my life. I am happy to know there is someone out there in cyber world that loves what I am doing!