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Monday, March 12, 2012

Inspired by ticking

I had the great pleasure to walk around and look at Pottery Barn last weekend.  It is always so inspiring to shop there.  I absolutely love the mix of new and old they display.  There were so many things that I fell in love with, but I really felt drawn to this vintage ticking stripe shower curtain.

I left there with my mind whirling.  When I get inspired, I just have to do something about it.  I decided to dig through my fabric and I found this blue ticking that I haven't really known what to do with.

I am not really sure why, but I came up with this pillow.  I wanted to make a pillow case to put in my room but I felt like it needed a little something more so I added the ties to it.

I decided to just keep my room the color it is for a while.  There are so many other places in my house that I should focus my attention on.  I just grabbed from here and there and came up with something that is ok for now.

It really isn't my favorite but it has been nice enjoying a semi-decorated (read-not piled with laundry) room so I am good with it.

Besides that, I have been exercising again.  I decided to face my fear of the treadmill and just get on it and see how far I could go.  I started out just running for five minutes and have since worked up to 2 1/2 miles.  I always want to quit at about minute 4, but I make myself do it and I cannot even explain how much better I have been feeling.  It makes me feel so much healthier physically, but it also makes me smile because I am accomplishing a goal that I have set for myself : )

What have you been inspired by lately?  Do you have any little goals set for yourself?

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