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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A New Bed For My Big Girl

I can't believe that my sweet Reese was ever this small.  Little did I know that someday soon my precious girl would become wacky and wild and full of spirit.  There is not a dainty girly bone in her body.  She hates to wear dresses, tears out her hair "pretties", and is constantly covered in a layer of food or mud, or both.  Today, she would rather be eating ruffles than wearing them.

Photograph by Emylyn Photography

I have been looking forward to today for selfish reasons.  I have been waiting for her to start climbing out of her crib so that I could take it out of her room, so she could sleep on my favorite piece of furniture.

And tonight it happened...that crazy little girl climbed out of her crib for the first time (only after emptying the contents of the top drawers of her dresser).

I should be happy that it is almost time to take the crib down, but I am sad at how fast she is growing.  I can't believe that girl in the ruffles can climb out of her crib : (


  1. I love that little girl. It has been fun to watch her grow up.. So glad her and Londyn get to spend time together.. Love her room!

  2. They have a great time together:)