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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Naturally dyed eggs

Can you believe Easter is almost here!  I have been seeing these naturally dyed eggs everywhere over the past few months.  They can be colored using fruit and vegetable juices, spices and teas.  To me they are so much more beautiful than the more traditional dyed eggs because the colors are lighter.  I highly doubt that I will have time to try these out since school starts on Monday (yes I will finally be a backpack toting twenty something college student!), so I thought I would share links to a couple tutorials.

Natural Easter Egg dyes

DIY Natural Easter Egg Dyes

Aren't they so gorgeous, and you can use foods and spices that you have around the house, plus you are not using those pesky dye packets.  Lauren did a fun post all about them over at Our Hiding Place.  Click here to see it.

Enjoy your weekend!  The weather here is rainy and windy so it might be a stay inside and snuggle kind of weekend for us.  Thanks for reading.


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