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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Couldn't say no to the lightbulb

I was just trying to take a much needed nap the other day.  It sounds so simple, but I got this wacky idea and couldn't go to sleep. 

This topiary that I brought home from the shop needed some major help, and I had been thinking of ways to bring it into this decade.  Originally I thought I would cover it with sheet moss, but during this would be nap, the light bulb went off.  Cover it with those brown coffee filters that are sitting in the pantry.  And of course, I could not say no to the light bulb.  It is a sickness I have.

Here is the sad leaning before shot.
 The faux moss was peeling back,

And presto chango-coffee filter covered topiary.  I have had it finished for a week or so but I still can't decide if I like it.  It does look pretty cute sitting on my island.  Does that really sound like me, being unable to make a decision?  Oh that's right, I am the queen bee of indecision, so yeah.

Either way, it is funky and fun, and much better than before so I might let it stick around for a while ; )  For me, a while is at most two weeks.

And in other wacky project news, I have a cheap and super easy kitchen cabinet revamp coming up.  And for those of you (there are thousands I am sure) wondering about my garage clean up, yes it did occur.  I forgot to snap a before pic so the after will not look good at all.  There is still a ton of stuff in there but it is organized now and I could park my car in there again if I wanted so I am happy.  I do have a pretty hilarious flip video of my sis in law shimmying her way up into my rafters though.  She would dis own me if I posted it, so I better not, but at least I have some blackmail.  Have a fab week!

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