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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Flashback to my booth

Finally I am back!

I have been getting yelled at by a few of you for my lack of blogging so I thought I better get back at it!  My two week blogging hiatus did not mean that I had no material to blog.  I actually have been snapping away at my projects but have been too busy to blog about them. So as a prize to you faithful readers, you will get new posts daily for the next little bit.  Sound fair?  I thought so : )

I took these pictures of my booth two weeks ago.  I really wanted to share this barn wood cabinet that I had in my space.  It always surprises me what sells quickly in there.  This cabinet wasn't necessarily my favorite item, but it sold within the first week of being there.

I made a couple new pillows and painted this farmhouse board.  It too sold really fast, but I still wanted to share.  I think I might make more like it.

This picture isn't very focused but I also made this pillow cover.  I used some of my left over ruffles and made a white rosette with it.  I loved how it turned out.  It too is gone, but i will definitely make more.

Now I am off to eat dinner and have some family time.  I will catch you tomorrow!


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