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Thursday, November 3, 2011

How I do Christmas

 I have so many fun projects to share but I have  been too busy this week to post!  Finally tonight I am making time to do it.

Tonight was the Christmas Open House at the antique mall as well as most other businesses downtown.  Last night I felt like I was in a winter wonderland with Christmas music cranked up and people everywhere unpacking boxes of snowy and glittery goodness.  I will admit though, until that point I had a very difficult time getting into the Christmas spirit.  For months I have been collecting pictures and ideas for projects and displays for the holidays, but have really been lacking the umph to get things done.  Despite that, I did manage to infuse a bit of Christmas cheer into my space.

 When you are organizing and rearranging do you not always make a huge disaster first?  I had quite the pile of crappe going on (crappe is my more sophisticated way of calling my stuff crap without actually calling it crap) 

I really was nervous once I had everything piled up that there was no way on Earth I was ever going to get it all sorted out in time...then reinforcements in the form of a teeny sweet Pam arrived and made everything better.  She was tree fluffing and sweeping and unpacking and giving me ideas.  It was amazingly generous and for that I thank her : ) 

The heap 'o stuff eventually became something a little more pleasing to look at.

I love the ice skates by the way.  I think it is a super cute way of saying winter is here, without being too Christmasy.  For my purposes, we are ignoring the fact that winter is technically not here quite yet.

And my camouflaged tree.  You can't even tell that there are ornaments on it : /  I have more color to add to it, but I am sad that in this picture it just looks like an empty tree.

That is how I do Christmas.  The End.  Have a great night!



  1. Thanks for letting me be a part of your evening. Had alot of fun! You are talented my friend..

  2. You are so so welcome. I hope I didn't work you too hard ;)