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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Vintage Crate Valentines

Valentine's Day has been on my mind this week.  I have been wanting to make some simple, understated Valentine's signs.  I found these old crate sides out in my garage (I am a hoarder for real) and I thought they might be cute to use for the occasion.

Before I could stop myself, I had already started painting the border on this one.  The jury is still out, I can't decide if I love it better than the one without the border.  Either way, it is a nice alternative to the traditional VDay decor out there.  

I also have a couple others in the works.  I am making some that say {Love} and Be Mine on old weathered fencing.  All tied with vintage ribbon : )

With this wacky weather we have had I feel like I am in a major uninspired funk.  I am forcing myself out of it though.  Well really the pile of furniture in my garage is forcing me out of it.  I have a dresser, a buffet, and a cabinet to paint.  I am also excited to start making slipcovers for the pile of chairs I have collected.  It is overwhelming to sit and think about it all, but I just need to get my arse in gear and get it done.

I will post pictures as soon as I get some of it done!  Enjoy the lovely wintery weather: )


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  1. Waited and checked for new post,and so cool.. Love your new blog headline....~Pen~... Miss ya