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Thursday, January 5, 2012

This girl loves to move furniture

It was so nice and sunny outside this afternoon.  When the sun comes out, I get the urge to clean and rearrange.  I think it may have something to do with the fact that the sunlight exposes every single speck of dust and dog hair and filthy window, but I could be wrong : )  I really should have been doing so many other things today, but I just got to it and tore into my house.

First I found a place for the new jar my mother in law gave me for Christmas.  That led into swapping my farm house desk and dresser from the dining room.  Then I decided to try my luck at completely moving my husband's desk.  Then I brought in a sweet little antique cabinet that I had out in my garage.  I worked on it all on and off for a few hours but eventually got it all done and I am very happy with how it turned out.

This was what it looked after all of the Christmas was packed up and I had just moved around a few little things.


I am not sure if I shared this old tool caddy yet or not but it is one of my finds from my mom's garage a few weeks back.  Side note-speaking of my mom's garage, she will be having one gigantic garage sale next week. I will update with days and times but I think it will be either wed and thurs or thurs and fri.

I know that it is not technically lavender season yet but I just love it so much.  To me, if it is not Christmas, then it is appropriate to decorate with lavender.  You too may use this logic if you are a fellow lavender lover
 ; )  I am working on getting fresh and dried lavender bundles for my booth this spring.  It will be fun to use in my displays.

I love flipping through all of my old magazines so I stuffed some of my faves in the caddy.

Here is the jar my MIL gave me.  I use the lavender buds in a lot of my sewing projects but I thought it might be nice to enjoy looking at them rather than shoving them in a cupboard.

Here is that same corner after I moved the dresser over.  I wasn't sure if I was going to like it in the living room but I really love it next to the couch.  I love white just as much as the next gal but I have to have a little bit of wood every now and again ; )  I love the height it adds on that side of the room.  It is different in scale than what you would usually see beside a couch so I think that is fun.  I like quirky.

Here is a wall that I have seldom shown on my blog because it is where our eyesore of a desk has always been.  I moved that baby over to the dining room wall and made room for my favorite little farm house desk.  The antique cupboard that is on top of it is one that I had out in my garage.  It was left over from when we closed the shop.

I thoroughly enjoyed displaying some of my ironstone collection inside.

This cupboard shows some serious signs of it's age, but I love it even more because of that.

It also still has the original glass knobs.  

Sorry for all of the pictures but I can never decide which ones I like the best so you are getting stuck with them all.  Despite the beautiful light today, for some reason my pictures are not that great.  You still get the idea though, I rearranged my heart out and loved every minute of it.  You know, some girls love to go to the salon or go shopping.  This girl loves to move furniture.
I am lucky enough to be going away to the coast for the weekend with Tim's mom and sisters.  It is sure to be a fun time.  Enjoy your weekend : )  I will be back next week to share some fun new signs I am making for my booth.


  1. It looks awesome Brit! Someday I will have a house I can rearrange. For now it is what it is. No space or rearrange... yet.

  2. Thanks! I just have fun with it. Strange hobby I have isn't it? I miss you. i hope things slow down for you and we can get back to hanging out and folding your laundry together again : )