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Sunday, January 23, 2011

+--<[{Tower Love}]>--+

(Those do hickies in the title are supposed to look like Eiffel Towers)
I was browsing a couple of my favorite bloggy stops tonight and I ran across a great bit of inspiration.  I happen to be related to one of the biggest Eiffel Tower junkies on.the.planet.  I love her dearly and she is so fun to buy and create for. 

For her 21st birthday a few years back (man Kate are we getting old or what?)  I made this ginormous Eiffel Tower cake.  I did have a fabulous assistant, my beautiful mother.  There is nothing we can't tackle together.  It was a TON of work and I recall making several trips to the grocery/craft store but alas, the cake was born, only to be eaten a few short hours later.  Oh the pain!  But she love loved it, so it was all worth it.

So, you can imagine my excitement when I scrolled across this beauty.  I love it for me or for anyone, but I know a special someone who would DIE to have it.  This is a very ambitious task considering all that I have on my plate as of late, but cross my heart I will get to it eventually.  It is gorg!

Here's hoping I
a. Find the perfect dresser with the perfect price tag
b. Become blessed with some free time to get my Eiffel Tower on
c.Oh yeah, and can paint a tower that perfectly!
To see the site of inspiration, click here.
Have a wonderful week everyone, I will be posting a couple fun projects soon that can be done on the cheap, so stay tuned.  B

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  1. I went to Sweetlife last night with friends and we were drooling trying to find the slice we wanted. The beautiful and intracet cakes soon reminded me of my cake for my 21st birthday (yeah, a few years back...) I described the beautiful detail and how it was hard to cut! I will never forget my ever so amazing beautiful Eiffel Tower Cake- Then to finally remember to read your blog (which I love) tonight and find it featured on here!! Too funny...and I sooooo want that dresser :)