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Monday, December 5, 2011

Cottage Pink Scale and Red Licorice

I was blessed enough to get to spend a couple hours today with one of my dear friends and I got a chance to do some antiquing sans kiddos.  It was quite an experience to be able to look at each and every item in my favorite booths rather than the quick scan-pause-Reese don't touch that-Reese get over here-etc. etc. You get the idea.  
Anyway, I was able to find myself a couple of treasures.  I have been collecting enamel basins and randomly they have somehow ended up hanging on my dining room walls.  I found this little cutie to add to my collection.  It is the first one I have in this color.  I really like it, and for $4.95 I couldn't not bring it home with me.

I know that all this great rust is the reason it was so bargain priced, but it is what makes me love it so.  I am not a gal that is into pristine antiques.  I love the rusty chippy stuff : )

And here is my favorite find in a long time, this sweet little cottage pink scale.  I am not even going to say how many scales I currently own, but it should be a crime-seriously.  Put me in the slammer now.

I love it first and foremost because it is pink, and second because it is different from most others I see.

I have been so into Christmas around here lately but this pink scale and lavender are making me want to bust out my spring goodies.

Oh and one side note-We are now into day four with the white slip covered couch and the soiling has already begun.  That dear sweet friend that I spent the day with today brought my kids a bag of red licorice.  Little Reese managed to get red spots on three of the cushions (part from the licorice, the other spots were from pomegranate seeds).  I totally freaked out (and cursed your name Penny)  but wait, there is a point to my story so stay with me.  I sprayed all of the spots with my homemade laundry soap and let it soak for a few minutes before throwing them into the washer.  I am in shock, but every single spot came clean!  That laundry soap is seriously the best I have ever used.  I guess I can relax a bit about the white couch now...now that I know I can get anything out of those white cushions : )


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