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Friday, December 2, 2011

Popcorn and Pink

Months ago I bought a collection of vintage pink ornaments and have since been adding to it.  My plan was to  decorate my space at the antique mall in pink for Christmas, but when the time came, I couldn't actually part with the pink ornaments.  I just fell in love with them and decided to decorate my house in pink this year.

On Black Friday I wasn't one of those crazies out fighting with the masses for bargains.  I was at home just giddy about decorating my pink Christmas.  I got the tree all done and was not totally loving it.  I mean, how could you go wrong with pretty white lights and shiny pink bulbs but there was just a little something missing in the texture department.  My policy for most projects is that I have to find a solution in house.  It forces me to be thrifty and creative.  Light bulb moment...popcorn garlands will do the trick!

I popped white popcorn kernels the old fashioned way on the stove (without oil) and used white crochet thread and a large needle that I had buried in a drawer.  It was a simple albeit messy process.  

Just poke through the popcorn and slide it to the end of the knotted thread.  I made two 8' garlands for my tree and it still could use another one, but that my friends is a project for another day.  Slowly but surely your garlands will fill up and you are left with an adorable little diy garland perfect for any tree: )

Here it is...

Here is one of my sweet little vintage ornaments.  I even found one with a glittered crown and one with glittered polka dots <3

Have I ever shared this vintage changing table before?  I am not sure if I have but I fell in love with it.  Isn't it darling?

I ended up with waaaaaay more pink bulbs than I needed so I filled this white urn with part of my surplus.

And there I am in the bottom right of the picture...hello out there :)

Here is my entryway.  It is simple but wintery.

I hate to say this but my living room has changed even since I took these pictures two days ago.  I finally got the white slip covered couch from my mama yesterday and I sure love it.  I still have to do an alteration to the base of the slip cover but I am making it work for now.  No need to ask...you know I will be sharing pictures of my new goody soon.  I hope you are now good and inspired to tear into holiday decorating...so go pop some corn and get stringing ; )
Nighty Night, 


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