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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nauseating aqua quick cover up

With spring on the horizon, I have really been wanting to brighten things up in my house.  I started by painting the entryway and living room gray, but now I really want to start in on my son's room. 

When we moved in, the walls were painted a very nauseating aqua color.  After nine months, I gave it the 'ol roller treatment.  I was not super particular when I chose the new color, as anything would have been a vast improvement.  I chose a tan color that looks almost identical to a mocha frappucino. Better than the gut wrenching aqua, but not bright and cheery for my sweet boy.

I found this quilt in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog.  It is fun and bright, but is dark and patterned enough that it won't show spots.  This is key since I cannot handle when things get stained or look filthy.  I am not the most deep cleaning person you will ever know, but I do not like for things like couches and bedding to get ruined.

I want to see it and feel it before I actually buy it, so a trip to Washington Square is in order.  I am thinking a light blue would go great on the walls, I just need to get the right shade.  I do not want it to read baby blue or sky blue.  I will be on the hunt for the perfect shade if and when I get the quilt.
Madras Quilted Bedding

I will also be keeping my eyes peeled for some worthy accessories, on the cheap of course.  I love the idea of a chalkboard wall, but I think it would be a tad too much for my cleanliness (or lack thereof) to handle.  So there you have it, another one of my insane projects.  Geesh I have a lot to cram into two short weeks!

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