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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A whole lotta hapiness for $8

I have three exciting finds to share today.  My day began with a trip to the grocery store at about 10 am.  Thank goodness for the cookie handouts at Safeway.  They are my saving grace most days.  Today, said cookies bought me a few precious minutes to browse a cleaning product section that until recently, I did not know existed.

Find #1

A few weeks back I read about Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products on Dreamy Whites, and came across this picture after blog hopping a bit.  Mrs. Meyer's products come in a lavender scent which happens to be my fave.  After reading about them, I decided I would try them out.  Today, I opted not to splurge on the twenty dollar laundry soap, but instead chose the more modestly priced $5.79 spray cleaner (in the lavender scent of course).

I can honestly say I was excited to clean the kitchen after dinner tonight.  And drumroll please....I actually love the smell!  Moral of this ridiculously long saga about cleaning products-add a little excitement to everyday chores by trying something new.  You just might love it.  Now, if only there was some way to make picking up countless monster trucks and wooden play food exciting...

Finds #2 & 3
I made my first trip to the best place EVER for finding treasures, and came home with not only some fun things for the shop, but also two awesome things for me.  For a whopping $1 I got a Jadeite plate.  It is really for my mom, but anyone who knows me will tell you that anything cool always makes a pit stop at my pad.  Awesome find # 3 is the little Ironstone pitcher.  It is so sweet and will find itself right at home next to the rest of my collection. 

For a small investment of $8, I became a very happy gal.  It is amazing how even the simplest of things can really brighten a day.  When was the last time something so simple (and inexpensive) made your day?

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