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Friday, February 11, 2011

Chippy paint and a pink step stool

I should have been cleaning and organizing today at the shop but my day was consumed by computer malfunctions.  I swear if computers weren't so necessary convenient I wouldn't use one at all.  I spent hours trying to make flyers for a ladies night out event we are involved in downtown tomorrow evening (without success might I add).  The silver lining is that I got to snap a few pictures for these #@&* flyers so I thought I would at least share those.

I thought the crystals on this amber chandy looked pretty and sparkly.

Lavender can make anything look sweet can't it?

In case you are unaware, chippy paint is on my top ten list of wonderful things, so naturally this cabinet had to be photographed.

Ok, now on to my house.  The pictures aren't quite as cute but if I waited for perfect pictures, I would probably never do another blog post again.
Here is a buffet that I am working on for the shop, and as you can see, it is another unsuspecting home decor piece that has taken a pit stop in my house.  The frenchy chair is my proudest craig's list find, and is just waiting patiently for me to get inspiration a wild hair and refinish/upholster it.

And just as we suspected, my V-day decor got a little sprucing.  I remembered that I had this little pink step stool in Reese's closet so I got inventive and hung it on one of my entryway hooks (that is a post for another day).  Then I stuck my coffee filter wreath on and voila!  Funky but I love it.

Here is a better view of the ladder/hook/wreath mechanism.  I guess I should go snuggle my boys now.  Happy weekend!

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