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Friday, February 25, 2011

Reese's room rearrange

I am happy to share the latest organizing/rearranging project at my house because it features the only "finished" room in my house, Reese's bedroom.  It must have been my nesting instincts kicking in, or the fact that everyone felt sorry for my ginormous-eight-month-pregnant self, but either way, this sweet girl was brought home to a precious and very importantly, finished room.

Again, I wish that I had the before pictures handy, but this bedroom might take the cake for the most hideous befores EV.ER

Buried beneath that pretty wainscotting is some mighty etrocious wallpaper.  It was country blue plaid with teddy bear border.  It HAD to go buh bye.

Since it was first decorated, her room has probably changed less than any of the other rooms in my house, but I still always get sick of the furniture layout.  I like to change it up a bit, hence the pictures of the messy in transition furnishings.

 I really do love the crib on the wall that you see when you first walk in but it has been there for a year and a half, and by my definition, that is about a year and four months too long, so I finally moved it.
 Ahh, order was eventually restored.  And since my favorite part of before and afters are the sources, I will share those.  The vintage changing table I purchased from one of our shop pickers for $40.  I brought the pink window frame home from the shop.  The curtains were a garage sale find by my mama, score, from PB Kids. 
 The PBK anywhere chair is on loan from a friend.  I was really wanting to buy one for Reese, so when she told me to take it home for a while I was over the moon!  The net and table and chairs are from IKEA.  I think the little table is one of the cutest things IKEA has to offer.  The set all together was $60.  Can't beat that.

The crib was a gift from one of my sisters.  We found it at a resale shop here in town for $70.

Oh and the sweet chandy...it was the first thing I found to put in the nursery.  And when I say found, I literally mean I found it, in my mom's garage!  Just sitting there waiting to be rediscovered by ME!  I painted it white and hung crystals that I my mom already had on it.  I think it turned out pretty cute for not costing me a dime.

I have been keeping my eye open for some little chandelier shades for it but haven't really seen any that have knocked my socks off so for now, naked light bulbs.

I picked this dresser out at the antique mall and my mother-in-law bought it as a shower gift.  No, I am not afraid to tell my MIL what I would like as a gift.

I failed to mention that there were no closet doors on any of the bedroom closets when we bought our house.  Until we someday get to that project, curtains will have to do the trick.
I am not sure who these were a gift from, either mom or MIL, but I picked them out at Tarjay.

This is one of my favotite things in her room.  My MIL bought this dress form for me years ago.  I really never knew what to do with it until I was decorating Reese's bedroom.  I like that everything in there is not a pastel color.  You know me, gotta throw black in where I can! 

We just got the news that my husband has to go to Cleveland for two meeks next month for work.  That means I will have all sorts of projects in the works to share.  I have been thinking about putting wainscotting in my dining room to kind of mix it up a bit. I would only need three sheets, so that project would be less than $50 (plus the cost of the top molding and blood sweat and tears).  I think it would look really nice in there.  What do you think?  Too much wainscotting for one small house, or can never have too much?  Or better yet, do you think he would divorce me upon returning?  So much to ponder!  Have a great weekend.

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