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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pink peonies and a fabulous door

Ok, you busted me.  I still haven't found my long legged bff a proper home yet, or the photo shoot she deserves.  I have been busy busy.  This afternoon I painted for a dear friend of mine, and tonight I helped out my sweet sister in law with some work.  Despite the full to the brim day, I wanted to share a teaser of some of my most favorite pictures.

This fabulously pink chippy medicine cabinet door is one of my new treasures.  It is all but forcing me to bring pink down the hallway into the living room.  What is stopping me you ask?  The wonderful rust colored wool rug that was a $15 garage sale find that just happens to look as though I shopped for months for it to perfectly match my living room.  Sigh.  You know I am not the matchy matchy type, so you can rest assured that this pink mirror will work itself in to the LR somehow. (I have some ideas brewing)

It is pretty great right?  Even if pink is not your thing, you have to love it.

My father in law is watering and feeding the chickens for his neighbor for the next month and they have the most gorgeous garden I have ever been in.  I can't even count how many peony bushes they have.  (Well I could, but you get the point)  There they were, just begging to come home with me, and I couldn't deny them that right.  I love them paired with my mirror. I might cry when it comes time to throw them out.

Antique glass knob=LOVE

Forgive me for my rambling on about a mirror but I do love it and I am very very tired so that is the kind of post you get tonight.  Until next time-B

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