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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Parting with chippiness is such sweet sorrow

Oh my goodness have I been distracted lately!  I feel like I have been in a decorating/creativity slump lately, which is a good thing since I have washed every last shred of laundry in my house, but bad because decorting is my favorite thing to do.  I knew it would remedy itself if I just gave it time, and it sure did.  I got the genius idea to bring the full wrought iron bed into Reese's room with hopes that she would LOVE to sleep in it, and maybe partially because I couldn't say no to the prompting from inside my head.

In it came last night, and it was a nice change in her room.  It has hardly changed since the summer before she was born, and that was TWO long years ago.  To my internal clock, that approximates 81 years: )

I still have quite a bit to finish up in there, but it was so enjoyable to dink around and see how I could switch things up.  Notice the heart boxwood wreath?  I moved it from my entryway.  I am going to have a moment of honesty here (but never again ok?).  That was completely and 100% inspired by one of my green bath towels.  Last week there was a green towel wadded up on the changing table and for just a minute, I thought it was greenery out of the corner of my eye.  And I loved the looks of it!  The wreath had to be moved.  So there you have it, the inner workings of a shop-yourhouse-aholic-mastermind.  Dirty laundry.  Genius!

That is the only clean and pretty angle of the room for now so that is all you get to see.  It is the only room in my house that is completely finished so I love being in there.  Fresh paint, new flooring, TRIM!!!!!, love.  Ahhhh someday the entire house will look this way

In other news, I had a fabulous time treasure hunting today and found some pretty adorable junk for my booth.  I say junk, but you all know I mean absolutely priceless crusty rusty treasure, the kind I almost can't part with.  Ok ok I will share already.  My most favorite, a milk paint green window frame (jealous yet?), a great huge old wooden tool caddy, a sweet sweet little chippy side table, some old chairs, a great old old table and a white twin wrought iron bed.  There is more, I just can't think of it all.  Pics to come later.  You have heard the Shakespeare quote "Parting is such sweet sorrow".  I bet he is turning over in his grave that I am using it to describe selling my old chippy junk.  Too bad Shakespeare, I just love it so much.

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