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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New shabby goods sharing

Today was a really great but busy day.  I drove to Eugene first thing this morning to see the orthodontist (only 6 more weeks of invisalign and my teeth will be completely straight!), followed by a bit of shabby chic shopping, some pricing and sanding, a visit with sis and mother in law, working this evening for a couple hours at the Athletic Club, home for dinner, bath and bed time, blogging, wreath making...you get it.  It was a crazy day!

Despite the craziness, I am so so so excited about some of the new stuff I got for my booth that I am having real issues putting price tags on it to sell.

It was fun today to snap a few pictures outside in between rain storms.  I just love this little wicker chair.  Reluctantly, I put a price tag on it and stuck it back in my car to take down to my space at the antique mall.

This antique printing drawer is so adorable.  Yet another thing that is so hard to see go to my space.

If you know me, you probably already figured that this vintage cabinet was one of the things I am keeping, at least for now.  It is so sweet where the white is chipping and the green and pink are showing through.  It has found a fabulous home in my entryway.  So funny that I was just thinking I needed to find something to go there.  It sure didn't stay empty for long.

The tall mirror is another thing that hasn't yet made it back out my front doors.  I just love it so!

Some old ironstone...always so pretty.

Behind the pumpkin here you can see a glimpse of the antique tin tile.  It is about a two foot square and chipping and rusting in a few places.  It is a gorgeous piece.  I am excited to have some fun displaying it.

I realize now how horrid these pictures are.  I was really trying to rush, but there are things that I never even got close up pictures of.  I guess you know where to find them if you want to get a better view of anything : )

I stayed up into the wee hours last night finishing up a Christmas project that I have been wanting to make for a while.  It took hours, but I forced myself to stick with it and I couldn't be happier with the result.  I will be sharing that project soon!

Have a great night, thanks so much for reading!

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