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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pretty sister and lemon wedges

I took pictures of some of the shower decor to share and I am finally getting to it.  In true Brittany style, I only took pictures of the decorations and not the actual people at the shower so I thought it might be nice to show a picture of my little sister.  After all, she was the reason for the partay.

Her name is Sarah.  This was taken years ago at her wedding, but isn't she lovely?  She is such a pretty girl, especially now with a sweet baby girl growing in her tummy.  I love them both dearly.

I fell in love with these yellow roses at the grocery store, and thus, the color scheme was born.

It was fun to get out my mismatched silver and white dishes.  I have really enjoyed using them on many occasions rather than buying disposable flatware and plates.

On to my favorite part, the sweets.  This chocolate cake was my favorite when I was pregnant and single handedly packed a good 30 pounds onto my body so I thought I would spread the love and get one for my sister.

The shower invitations read "A baby chick is on her way" so I felt compelled to make these adorable little bird nest candies.  They were as delish as they are cute.

I took the pictures before it was all set up but I used canning jars as glasses.  Each of them had a lemon wedge on the rim, and they were filled with berry lemonade.  We also had a spongecake topped with home made whipping cream and crushed pineapple.  Random I know, but it was all very yummy.

I am trying to be quick tonight so I can watch the new Deadliest Catch with my sweets so that is all for now.  Have a delightful week!

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  1. Hi Brit~ Just wanted to say how much I miss you! I so look forward to your blogs. What cute stuff for the baby shower. Hope to have our craft night soon. Hugs Pam