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Friday, August 26, 2011

"Buanderie" board

Friday is here!  Once again, the week flew right by.

I have had this vintage wooden ironing board leaned up in my dining room for months, not really knowing what to do with it.  I knew it had potential to very cute, but I was just waiting for inspiration to hit.  And then it did a couple nights ago.

I knew I wanted to add some type of lettering to it.  I thought it would be so cute sitting above laundry room cabinets or hung on the laundry room wall, so I painted the French word for laundry room.  Buanderie sounds so much prettier though doesn't it?

Sadly, or happily, it found a new home before I could even show it off!  I am on the look out for more vintage ironing boards, so keep your eyes peeled for me girls!

I hope you have a fab Friday!


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