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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

vintage paper flowers and a love banner

 I feel like it has been forever since my last post!  Our trip was cut a little short so I never made it back over to my cousin's house to take pictures.  She too lives in an old farm style house, and her style fits the house perfectly.  She has collections of old Pyrex and enamelware, wainscoting, and lots of antique doors and hardware.  It was very inspiring.

I got to work on some new projects the first night I was home.  It was really hard for me while    I was gone not to be able to work on things when I wanted to.  I compiled a list while I was away that I have been checking things off of since I got home.

While thrifting on my trip, I came across some vintage fabric patterns.  I have seen these cute little flowers around lately and wanted to try my luck at making some.

 I am happy with how they turned out. It will be nice to have them around when I don't have any fresh flowers at my disposal, and I think the colors will go nicely with fall and Christmas displays.

I sold both of my "vintage" banners so I made another to replace them.  I was inspired by a picture I saw last week of a banner that said love.  I think it would be such a sweet addition to a bedroom.  Someday when I have my room put back together I might make one for myself.

I am headed down to my space at the antique mall today to fill in some little things.  I found a darling little vintage dish drying rack, and a really neat old 40s/50s men's tie hanger that has a little style chart and knob on it to help men color coordinate their outfit.  It is pretty neat, and also a reminder of how much things have changed over the past 50 years.  Gone are the days of dressing up, ironing, and really anything else proper.

That is all for right now, but in the next week or so I will have several new big pieces to share.  I am waiting on an order of knobs to come in the mail and then I can finally finish up that gray dresser that I painted weeks ago.  And, I think I have finally talked myself into painting a beautiful antique child's dresser that I have had forever.  Stay tuned to see some defaced old wood, unless that sort of thing pains you too badly : ) Happy Tuesday girls!


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