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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Savoring a brand new quilt

Do you remember the post I wrote months ago about revamping my little man's room?  It has been months and I am finally getting to it!  I have been stashing things out in the garage in a tote until I became inspired to get it done.  Inspiration hit in the form of a freebie bed from my mom's neighbor.  Sharon, thank you dearly!

I had originally planned to repaint his old bed.  It was a brown metal bed that reminded me of    and old hospital bed.  I racked my brain trying to decide what color to paint it but never could make up my mind.  When I saw this bed, I knew it was perfect and required no painting.

(Please ignore the sideways letter hanging on the wall, that is a project in progress)

The metal locker was given to me by one of my sweet friends.  I think it is the perfect touch for his room.  He had it filled up with books and shoes in no time.

In our house it is a rarity to get brand new bedding.  This should come as no surprise since I like most things vintage and thrifted anyway, but I really think what was holding me back from starting his room was that I was savoring this new comforter.  My mom bought it for him from Pottery Barn Kids so I would feel horrible if it ever got stained up.  (I am kind of weird like that)  A week into it and so far so good (my fingers are crossed behind my back).

Oh how I love side of the road freebies!  This jute rug was another thing that my mom's neighbor was throwing out (over a year ago) so I swooped it up, knowing that i would use it someday.  I like how it balances out all of the color throughout the room.

There is a lot more to do in his room.  I still need to hang up all of the marquee letters that I have been collecting, hang up a big chalkboard above the dresser, and make him something crafty to hang his coats and hoodies up on.  Those projects will have to wait for another day I am afraid.

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