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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A touch of industrial chic...

I was feeling a bit sluggish today after a long night with a teething baby girl so this morning I took the kids for a jog at the track and a walk to the park but it didn't cure my funk.  That is until I was paid one of the nicest compliments I have ever received this afternoon.  

It seems that through my blogging, a bit of shabby is now turning my modern and simplistic sister's head.  Her house is so beautiful, and even though she thinks she has no style, her style  is gorgeous and clean.  I wish I could do it in my house.  It meant a lot to hear her say that she loves my blog and that it is opening her up to new possibilities.  I always thought that she read my blog because she loves me, but now I realize that it is more than that.

It was the perfect thing to hear today, it perked me up, and I decided to snap a few pictures of a new project.

This is the metal bed that was previously brown that I couldn't decide on a color for.  I am happy with my decision, although it really only came about because I had some spare brushed nickel paint.

I just knew that it would look so gorgeous paired with all white girly ruffles.  The ruffles really dress up the simple metallic bed frame.  It is such a pretty combination.

I couldn't resist showing it in a bit of black and white.

My house looked pretty ridiculous as I was taking these pictures.  Who on earth sets up a twin bed in the living room?  Oh wait, I do!  I am taking this frame down to my space at the antique mall today. I really hope that someone else has the vision that I do for it.                     All dressed in white...


  1. I hear you in the funk department. I have been working alot and feeling so unmotivated but at the same time things are whirling in my head. You inspire each day with your parenting, being a wife and all that you do with your ceativeness. love ya Pam

  2. Oh how I love your style to.. Your awesome.. Miss ya