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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dry clean only for my mum

I realized that I never shared the pillows I made for my dear sweet mum for Mother's Day.  While showing her some of my favorite blogs one day a couple months ago, we came across this picture on Kimberley's blog Restoration House.

My mom loved her pillow, so I tracked it down online and found that it is a Waverly fabric, and can be purchased online through Joann's Fabrics.  It is very spendy fabric, but I got it when it was half off, so it ended up being about $22 per yard.  Now that I look at her picture again, I wish that I would have centered the floral design, but I was trying to get the most out of the yard that I bought.
After sitting on my chairs for a day or so, it was oh so painful to give them up on Mother's Day.  The fabric is dry clean only so I would have been a fool to keep them.  Although I would have been a happy fool.  Hmmm, just might have to take the plunge into fabrics that I cannot scrub snot and Cheetos stains off of.  Of course that is a project for another day, as my week will be filled with last minute projects in preparation for visiting family and the sweet birdie baby shower for my soon to be niece Addison Lane.  OOOH to hold a new baby!  I can't wait!

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