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Sunday, May 1, 2011

~Doing what I can with what I have~

Let me just start off by saying that I have never loved my bedroom.  It has always been last in the decorating pecking order, and is usually a dumping ground for laundry and whatever other messes we don't want to look at. 

I was cleaning Reese's room last week and her mosquito net fell out of the ceiling and landed on my head.  Inspiration hit, literally.  I decided to try it out above my bed, and the cascade of furniture rearranging began.  As with any project that I do, I only used things that I had laying around the house or garage.  My policy for decorating is, do what you can with what you have.  Not only does this save me money, it forces me to be creative.

I wish I had taken a before picture but it was almost too hideous to even share.  The bed was against the left wall, there was floral bedding on the bed and there was a lot of laundry to put away.  There...do you have a visual?

I envisioned it in my head with the bed in the corner, so I gave it a try.  Although it takes up a lot more floor space that way, it is a bit more interesting than just being flat against the wall.

Thanks go out to the previous owners of my house for spending a fortune on planting bulbs and perennials all around the yard.  The tulips added the perfect pop of color to the room.

The little dresser was left in the house when we bought it.  I painted it yellow and added glass knobs to it that were on a towel rack I was no longer using.  Not too shabby for being free!  I cut the branches from Tim's aunt's curly willow tree.  They were just sitting out in the garage so I brought them in.  They are doing a fabulous job of filling up wall space since there is nothing hanging just yet.  I am liking the simple and sparse look lately, so I might leave the walls empty.

If there is a room in your house that has been making you crazy, shop your house and see what you can find to redecorate.  You might be surprised what you come up with, and you can be so proud of yourself for saving your pennies.  It is also handy to keep a few cans of spray paint on hand to use for quick makeover projects.  You cannot go wrong having black, white and one other accent color that you like to use around the house.

Thank you so much for reading, I promise I will post again soon!

P.S. I have the sweetest mama ever who just painted me an old trunk white today.  I have been wanting one for months for the LR to stick blankets and pillows in.  This one is GINORMOUS so I think I am going to have to get creative with where I put it, so stay tuned to find out where my new beauty ends up!

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