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Monday, May 2, 2011

Gargantuan to do List

I am back without any new pictures of course but I thought I would share what I will be up to for the next month.  I have compiled quite a hefty to do list, all of which I hope to finish before my sister's baby shower next month. 

  • Paint front door white
  • Texture and paint patches in LR
  • Putty holes in living room walls
  • Paint LR grey
  • Finish trim in dining room and hallway (I will put Tim on this one)
  • Hem LR curtains
  • Bring home new desk from shop (yay!)
  • New window treatment on french doors (low on priority list)
  • Hang pot rack above island
  • Make curtains for kitchen window
  • Paint chalkboard wall
  • Curtains on my bedroom closets
  • Make bedroom curtains
  • Organize craft closet
  • Paint Marsdon's room
  • Paint twin bed
  • Swap out dresser?
  • Buy twin sheets to match quilt
  • Finish painting interior doors white & replace door knobs
Just for the sake of reference, here is a picture of the curtains that I already hemmed.  Boy am I glad to have that finished.  It seemed like it took about 18.5 hours.  In reality, it was only about 2 hours, but since I was ironing as I went it seemed to drag on forever.

 This picture will kill two birds with one stone.  There are the french doors that I want to find new window treatments for.  The dark shades worked for functionality, but are majorly lacking in the beauty department.  To the right you can also see the beginning of one of the white spackle stripes left over from where we took the wall out.  I so desperately want that to be finished.  That is priority 1 off of this gargantuan list of mine.

So what do you think?  Is it possible to close a store, set up a booth, remodel and decorate your house all while planning a baby shower?  Of course it is!  I will check back with things that I get to cross off.  Wish me luck!

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