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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A not so kitchen update

Guess who is back!  Here I am despite my never ending technical/user error issues.  This last week was quite eventful, and I have to say that I am so thankful it is over.  We completely moved out of the shop last week, and finished it up on Mother's Day.  It was an absolute TON of work, but it feels so great to have it behind me.

Since then, I have been a busy little bee getting stuff ready for my booth.  I can finally focus all of my attention there, and I am hoping that will allow me to make my booth look, well, a bit more me.  More on my projects later this week, but for now, a kitchen update.

This is the view from the french doors in my dining room.  I removed the cabinet door on the far left.  It now matches the other two which were missing when we bought our house.  I figured I would make lemonade out of the situation, and play it up as the open shelving I have been seeing everywhere.  Pretty and free, does it get any better?

I saw a link somewhere that showed chalkboard painted on the back of the shelves, so I tried it on the lower shelf.  I love how the white dishes pop against it, but I am not sure when and if I will continue up in the top two shelves.

I love my canisters on the island. The two I had were vintage that I nabbed from my mom.  My only gift request for MD was the third and largest one, and guess which mama got it?  This one!  Pics to follow of course.

And here they are up close.  See what I mean?  Do you not just love clear canisters?  It is just one more opportunity to make something look pretty.  (Ok, so you caught me on a bad day, but those beautes are normally full)  I have been filling them with cereal.  It has been fun to shop for cereals not only based on their flavor, but their texture and color.

Of course I can't resist showing off my nearly free, upcycled, completely installed by me lighting.

Holy cow I guess I was lovin' these guys that day (It was about 2 weeks ago, and now my cabinets and dining room are completely different, imagine that.  I have a disease) 

Here is the spot in my dining room where my buffet was before I moved it into my booth.  I loved the oar that I got for Marsdon's room, so I decided it should make a pit stop right there.  Again, this corner has completely changed by now.

To hang the oar, I just screwed picture hangers to the back and voila!  Funky schtuff to fill up my wall.

There you have it, what my kitchen and dining room looked like a while ago.  I am so excited to share my new favorite that I put in that spot, an awesome garage sale find, and my newest projects for my space.  Thanks for reading, you are a dear.

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